Your Masters of Ceremony

Dakota Beverage is in the business of celebration. Lucky for us, beer is the perfect way to fulfill our destiny.

Wherever you and friends gather for fun, whichever co-worker has earned a little boo-yah, and whenever you're ready to reward yourself for a hard day's work, we'll be there to make it happen. Let Dakota Beverage be your Masters of Ceremony.


  • Benefit Pool Tournament & Auction for Karson Kirchner

    February 29th

    Benefit Pool Tournament & Auction for Karson Kirchner
    (infant son of Joshua & Ashley Kirchner born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome)
    $25 Buy In
    Handicapped A & B
    First 24 paid players
    8:00 am start

    Proceeds to help with medical expenses. Inquire at Chancellor Bar for donations.

    Chancellor Bar - 301 Main St, Chancellor, SD 57015 8am
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As your Master of Ceremony, Dakota Beverage is here to advance your beer literacy. Should you aspire to refine your palette and expand your knowledge of beer styles and cuisine to match, we're here for you. Explore and discover, fellow travelers. We update this section frequently.

Our Story

At Dakota Beverage, we've been leading celebrations for more than 60 years. But then, making people happy never gets old.

Learn how the party started and then let's toast the future.

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