Your Masters of Ceremony

Dakota Beverage is in the business of celebration. Lucky for us, beer is the perfect way to fulfill our destiny.

Wherever you and friends gather for fun, whichever co-worker has earned a little boo-yah, and whenever you're ready to reward yourself for a hard day's work, we'll be there to make it happen. Let Dakota Beverage be your Masters of Ceremony.


  • Dakota Beverage Golf League Position Round @ Glenridge GC (Irene)

    August 21st

    11:30 - The Garage vs. Linksters
    11:40 - Critters 1 vs. Critters 2
    11:50 - Eide Bailly vs. Ken's Korner
    12:00 - Stubbies vs. Starks
    12:10 - Fred the Fixer vs. Anderson Construction
    3:50 - Sport Bowl vs. Botski's
    4:00 - Crow Bar vs. Epic
    4:10 - Express Produce vs. Mobile Resources
    4:20 - Northwestern Mutual vs. Sperling Insurnace
    4:30 - Eastway Bowl vs. Booze Boys
    4:40 - Silver Bullets vs. Keystone - The Stones

    Log onto or call Jim Snyder 941-0298 or
    Dakota Beverage 339-2337 ext. 310 for tee times

    Glenridge Golf Course - 605-263-3546 - Irene, SD 12pm
  • Remedy Brewing Co. Beer Dinner @ Bros

    August 21st

    Five Courses. Five Beers. Social Hour - 5pm. Dinner - 6pm.
    Meet the Brewers Matt, Jason & Tyler! Get your tickets fast!

    Bros Brasserie Americano - 332 S. Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104 5pm
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As your Master of Ceremony, Dakota Beverage is here to advance your beer literacy. Should you aspire to refine your palette and expand your knowledge of beer styles and cuisine to match, we're here for you. Explore and discover, fellow travelers. We update this section frequently.

Our Story

At Dakota Beverage, we've been leading celebrations for more than 60 years. But then, making people happy never gets old.

Learn how the party started and then let's toast the future.

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